Friday, August 7, 2015

Tao Success and Joy

August 5, 2015

The evening session for Master Sha's Tao Miracle Healing has just ended.  We have been swept outside of the event room and are standing in the hallway. There is a buzz of excitement and happiness and you can hear people talking and laughing sharing their experiences of what just took place.  Even though its very late and we have been on our feet long hours, no one wants to leave the hotel.  It's quite like after an excellent play, people just don't want to leave because they need to talk about what just happened and how it affected them personally.

Everyone who came, including all the Divine Channels, the webcast and business team and universal servants were given more than their expectations. We witnessed Master Sha's and his Divine Channels' healing blessings and there were miracles.  One miracle was an 81 year old lady with dementia and severe back pain.  She came up to the stage hobbled over and barely able to walk with her walker.  After Master Sha's healing blessings, she strode confidently without her walker down the aisle with Master Sha chasing after her. Her daughter said that she was so surprised that her mother stayed awake and alert for the whole evening contentedly watching everything that was going on.

We were able to interactively participate by chanting, tracing calligraphies and doing the powerful "ha".  Of course the direct recipients of healing were most blessed but I don't think that anyone felt left out as described in their reactions after it all ended.

When you have people feeling good about what just took place and they cannot stop talking about it, that is true Tao success and joy.

Thank you Master Sha and the Divine Channels for creating the local buzz.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Confidence to Heal the Most Challenging Cases

August 4, 2015

Last night in the Tao Miracle Healing session, Master Sha showed his compassion and generosity to eight people some of which he never met before.  Master Sha is truly a master of healing whose only desire is to serve whether it is a recent condition or one of long standing.  Watching how Master Sha did his utmost best to serve one person after another makes me want to be a better healer and servant.

The most impressive healing I saw was for the person in a wheelchair who had polio since 9 months old.  The person said he is of retirement age and so this is a condition of very long standing.  Master Sha asked if he could walk and the man said yes, with his arm crutches.  The man got on his crutches but didn’t actually walk on his legs and rather dragged his legs by lifting them with the help of the crutches.  Master Sha then proceeded to offer healing downloads for his brain, heart, liver, spleen, kidney, lungs, circulatory system, muscles and legs.  He also gave him a light body, flooding his whole body with immense light.  Master Sha created a personalized Tao Source calligraphy for his brain and spinal column. 

The audience was asked to chant and trace the calligraphy for this man.  When this was done, the man was asked by Master Sha to try and walk with his crutches by putting weight on his legs.  He did and was amazingly able to take a few steps.

As a healer I want that kind of confidence and determination to help anyone despite it being the most challenging cases.  You could feel Master Sha’s heart to serve this man and with that kind of unconditional love, it is no wonder that miracles happen.

Thank you Master Sha for giving hope to the seemingly hopeless conditions and allowing me to witness another miracle healing.

Tao Miracle Healing Experience

August 3, 2015:

Previewing the Tao Creations:

When Master Sha mentioned that he was coming to Hawaii for two months, the local masters and students screamed in delight and sheer joy. We could not believe our happiest wish had come true because everyone’s soul journey would be served by his presence.

Due to Master Sha’s kind heart, he created 26 calligraphies for the Tao Healing Center in Honolulu. We brought those calligraphies to the event room. Master Sha created 20 more calligraphies. He then asked the few Divine Channels and students to experience these 46 calligraphies for two minutes.

In those two short minutes, I felt like my whole soul, heart, mind and body were being cleansed, maintained and nurtured mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I went into the empty space and felt the highest Source love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, humility, blessings, harmony and much, much more that was indescribable and I felt so peacefully connected and one. There upon my soul just started crying with deeper gratitude, happiness and joy. And, that was only two minutes but seemed like it went on forever.

Entering the Tao Chang Space:

In my arrival and haste to do my tasks, I didn’t notice the overall event room in the Queen Kapiolani space. I was totally focused on doing preparations for the event and suddenly, I started to experience deep purification and testing. I felt sad, my physical body started to ache and I became agitated, stressed and unhappy. I thought it was coming from the pressure of doing the event. As the tears flowed down my eyes and Master Pam tried to comfort me, I looked up and saw the most magnificent, unconditional soul servants all around the room. There were 38 Tao Source Calligraphies hung up in the room. The calligraphies were sending me Tao unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and light. I immediately asked for forgiveness to the Source Calligraphies for not honoring these sacred Source treasures. Once I did that my whole body became peaceful, calm and ready to do my tasks in complete love, peace and harmony for the event. Again tears flowed from my eyes feeling the benevolent love of Master Sha as the creator of these Source calligraphies and just so much gratitude that everyone can be served with this pure Tao servants. This is when I realized I was in a Tao Source Field.

The Miracle Healing in the Tao Chang:

Master Sha asked if anyone would like to be a healing demonstration. Dr. Raj Kumar came up wearing a neck and back brace. He said he had been in a car accident eight years ago and had been suffering sever pains in his back and neck with no relief in spite of medication, physical therapy, acupuncture, and other natural treatments and more. Nothing alleviated the pain no matter what he did. The ironic thing was that Dr. Raj is a healer himself being a psychologist and natural practitioner. As a healer, he said even a healer needs healing.

Master Sha asked what was Dr. Raj’s pain level and it was 10 and constant. As he stood on the stage, I could see his legs shaking from the pain. Master Pam was asked to do a Soul Operation, Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission for his spine and then do 9 Ha’s for the Miracle Healing. After that all the other Divine Channels came up to do more Ha’s. At the end Master Sha did a boost for the Miracle Healing Ha.

Dr. Raj’s pain went from a level 10 down to 0. You could clearly see him walking with a easier stride and his face lit up from finally being pain free. The audience was totally amazed and clapping happily for Master Sha and Dr. Raj’s healing. All Divine Channels were cheering and bowing to the power given through Master Sha of the Tao Source healing.

As a Divine Channel of Master Sha, witnessing this kind of miracle healing is my greatest joy. This is what we want for every single person who is suffering and hurting. There could be no greater purpose in life than to serve humanity and all souls in this very special way.

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo (thank you, thank you, thank you) Master Sha!

You are truly the Miracle Healer of the Tao Source. Thank you for your unconditional heart and soul to serve those who cannot help themselves and for allowing us to become your Divine Channels and Worldwide Representatives to serve all humanity and all souls.

You bring hope and the possibility of happiness equally to all.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Divine Keeps Promises

February 15, 2015

Thankfully the Divine does keep promises.  Over a year ago, the Divine promised me that I would stop hurting from the loss of my husband.  At that time, I could not imagine that this was going to happen.  In the first few months that I was a widow, I would put on a happy face and try to go about my life not wanting anyone to know that I was suffering so much inside.  Despite my happy exterior, I felt the hole in my heart aching all the time.  When I went home at night in the privacy of my room, I would collapse into my bed, cuddle my dogs and feel so alone, lost, deeply saddened and depressed.  All I wanted to do was sleep and ignore the world.  Even my sleep was not peaceful.  Many times I couldn't fall asleep or woke up several times in the middle of the night even though I was very exhausted and wanted to sleep.

Well, it has been just a few days over that one year and I do feel so much difference.  My heart is still and peaceful.  I am not in deep grief or with hurtful feelings of unbearable loss or sadness.  I still miss my husband but it doesn't pain me anymore to think about him or his death.  Remembering him and our life together is now like a comfort that brings a gentle smile and warmth to my heart.

Divine experiences helps us grow. I am grateful for this life experience.  Losing my spouse has given me the courage to be stronger, more independent and compassionate of others who have the similar experience.  I am able to understand what grief, loss and death and is like, and this experience helps me serve others in their loss of a loved one.

In the past several months, many people have come into Master Sha's Tao Healing Center in Honolulu telling me about their unresolved grief and sadness.  Because of what I experienced, I am able to relate to them and help by teaching and offering specific ways to heal their grief.  

The Divine gives you what you need exactly when you need it.  My saving grace is that I am a Worldwide Representative and Divine Channel of Dr. and Master Zha.  As Master Sha's representative, I teach Master Sha's incredible soul healing miracle wisdom, lead practices, attend advanced training and do lots of healing blessings and personal consults.  As I served more and more, my grief was being washed away little by little.  

When I went through very severe spiritual testing that brought out my doubt, fear, worry and confusion, my teacher came to visit.  In between his personal consultations, Master Sha looked at me and asked if I was okay.  Of course, because of his loving compassion, I burst into tears and told him that I was uncertain about my own life purpose and what I should be doing with my life. He just smiled kindly and said just focus on serving and you will be fine. Master Sha was totally right. Because that's what I did and the days just flew by and before I knew it, one year passed.

Trust in the Divine and the Divine Messenger.  Master Sha is a representative of the Divine.  Just as he encouraged me, all I needed to do was serve with an open heart and everything transformed.  Divine and Master Sha are always right.

Da Gan En (Greatest Gratitude) Divine and Master Sha!  I love you both you have helped me become whole again.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Stumbling Into The Tao

Many people know the definition of the Tao, but do they really KNOW the Tao? According to Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha's Tao II book, Tao is: 
  • The Way 
  • The source and creator of all things
  • Emptiness and nothingness
  • Universal principles and laws
  • Cannot be explained in words or comprehended by thought
For me, I can't explain exactly what is the Tao.  I can only share my experiences with the Tao and then perhaps you will understand what I mean. 

Last year, I didn't plan to attend the Tao I-IV retreats in Colorado because my husband and I went to Hokkaido, Japan the month before.  I thought I couldn't afford to attend the Tao retreat after going to Japan.

A few days after I returned from Japan, I was driving my van and got into a huge three car accident.  I hit two small cars, one driven by a 85 year old man and the other by a young mother.  Normally, the mother has her baby in the back seat where I hit her and fortunately she didn't that day.  My big van was totally damaged in the front that two airbags went off.  The other cars had very little damage.

When my husband came to the accident site, he asked me why I didn't step on the brakes.  He knew this because his business is assessing car damage from accidents.  I told my husband it was like an inertia force that I could not stop or react in anyway.  I started crying as I described what I saw with my Third Eye of how the accident was supposed to happen. I saw my car enter the intersection, hit the first car hard, that impact turned my car towards the next on-coming car.   The second car would slam into me directly and I would be paralyzed or dead and the other people seriously hurt.  I clearly knew it was my karma. The next thing out of my mouth was, I really need to go to the Tao retreats!

When karma hits you, you are powerless.  This is a sharing by Master Peter Hudoba and widely taught by Master Sha.  I knew I needed to be in the presence of the most benevolent Tao Master,  spiritual teacher and unconditional servant, Master Sha.  For the gratitude of not harming another person or hurting myself, to ask forgiveness for ignoring the calling of my spiritual teacher and the Tao, and to clear my present and future karma, it was imperative that I be there.  

I did go and melded with the Tao in heart, soul, mind and body.  As a result, thankfully the people in the accident weren't hurt.  My car insurance paid for all their car damages and my premiums weren't at all affected.  

In hindsight, I was glad that I went to Japan with my husband because it was the last time we traveled together before he passed away.  The blessings of the Tao retreat carried me throughout the ordeal of my husband's illness and dying. It sustained me through it all.

If the Tao is calling you, there is a karmic reason.  Open your heart to the calling for it may save your life and help you serve another person's soul journey.  The Tao can best be understood by experiencing it.

Thank you Master Sha for inviting me to step into the Tao.  I'm only sorry that I had to learn the hard way before I answered the call.  Much gratitude for continuing to invite me.

All my aloha,

Master Diane
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November 11-28, 2014

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Building a House of Joy

You know those houses made out of cards?  The ones that you made as a kid out of a deck of cards.  It was so hard to set the cards up just right and then wham, your dog or brother would come by and knock it all down.  Darn!

Well that's how I felt like when my world crumbled after losing my beloved husband.  The one thing though that sustained me and helped me withstand the emotional strain was that I did foundation energy practices for many years. As a new student of Master Sha, my spiritual father and teacher I listened and followed his guidance.  Master Sha told his students to do one hour of practice every day and I faithfully did for almost eight years.  

You have five energy centers in your body:  Lower Dan Tian, Snow Mountain Area, Message Center, Zu Qiao, and Third Eye.  You can read more about the body's energy centers in Master Sha's book, Soul Mind Body Medicine.  Developing these energy centers is the key to preventing illness, maintaining good health and prolonging life.  

To keep and maintain the joy within your body, you need to do a daily energy practice.  I want to teach you a daily practice, starting with the Lower Dan Tian.  Please click on my Blog Radio link to hear the how to do the practice.

Do the Lower Dan Tian practice for a week and let me know how it affects you.  I am certain you will feel the difference and if you don't that just means you need to practice more.

A solid foundation is the key to sustaining your body's house of joy.


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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome to My World

Aloha and welcome to my blog.  

Life for me up until now has been like surfing.  I felt like I'm in the middle of a water tube with the curl of a huge wave hanging over my head and me crouched down inside holding my breath so as not to disturb anything, less the wave come crashing down on me and I completely wipe out.

Six months ago my husband of 41 years peacefully passed away.  We laughed, sparred, supported and helped each other, raised our two sons and dogs, kept our home, worked and created a business, did a lot of community activities, traveled to many places, practiced Buddhism, and played with friends and family.  Needless to say, his passing left a big hole in my heart and threw me into depression, sadness and grief.

Thankfully, I have Master Sha and all of his wisdom, practices, teachings and Divine, Tao and Source blessings.  Over the eight years as his student, I fortified myself with everything Master Sha had to offer for just these kinds of set backs and challenges.  My preparation was a soul strengthening workout.  I felt ready for the real thing.   No matter how I thought I was prepared, losing my beloved spouse was one of the biggest hurts I experienced.  However, the grieving process was made easier and transformed faster because of Divine blessings and Soul Healing.

When I could barely function emotionally, mentally and physically I dragged myself to Master Sha's Soul Healing Center Honolulu. Luckily, I had to be there to serve, teach workshops, and lead practices.  Those tasks kept me spiritually connected and released the sadness and lessened the depression.  I felt lighter and lifted at the Center because of the huge Source Light Ball and blessing that Master Sha gave the Center.

Another tremendous help were all the downloads and Divine healing services given by Master Sha and his Divine Channels.  It seemed as if whatever download or blessing was being offered by Master Sha was just the one I needed at that time.  Master Pam Uyeunten and all the students at our Center sent me heart touching blessings.  Visiting Worldwide Representatives, Master David Lusch and Master Ximena provided powerful transforming Divine blesings that took me to the next level of healing.  The recent Crown Chakra blessing for the Tian Di Ren He Yi Da Ai Temple by Master Ximena filled the hole in my heart with rich Divine Love.

Divine promised me I would overcome my grief in six months.  July 10 was six months.  I not only recovered gracefully but I got my joy back!  So now I feel like I'm riding those huge waves instead of being stuck inside the tube and held hostage by fear and worry.

I invite you come surf with me.  There are many things I discovered and want to share, and I want to listen and learn from you too. Join me on a tandem ride.  Together, we can go from depression to J-0-Y.